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Hi, I'm Pete and, yes, I'm as happy as I look! Let me tell you why! It's because my humans use “A Walk Around the Block”, St. Petersburg's most reliable local pet & home care service.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season 2014. Your family, friends and pets are all counting on you!

The folks from A Walk Around the Block are great and are always so happy to see me, take me for walks, play with and feed me. I don't want to brag, but they just LOVE ME (and you can tell it's fur real)!! They never leave me hungry or thirsty and A Walk Around the Block even does the special things my people request.

A little belly rub, maybe even a good scratch behind the ear ... what beats that? (nothing beats an expert human giving that ear or belly rub, know what I mean?) Anyway, just Click here to learn more about how “A Walk Around the Block” makes life easier for owners and great for your four legged friends.

At A Walk Around the Block -
“Your pets’ safety & happiness come first.”