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Hi, I'm Pete!

My humans are really, really, REALLY smart! Sometimes I had, uhhh, accidents before they got home, but with A Walk Around The Block, St. Petersburg’s most reliable pet & home care service, I don’t have to wait all day, and boy, do I…….

Halloween can be scarier for pets than for People! Beware! What lurks in the dark can freak out fido or might be a mean monster to mittens. Lil' Pete wants you to have a Happy Halloween, not a scary one!

Outta MY yard!.....

..sometimes my humans pack bags when they leave. BIG problem for me because, ‘WHO’s going to FEED me and give me fresh WATER and PLAY with ME?!’ BUT NO! Someone REALLY NICE from A Walk Around The Block always comes by to look after me and my house. All that worry for nothing….

Did I mention these people are really NICE?!...

.I get to help them when they do their HouseCheck+. I think we’re looking for squirrels and I’m really good at that! They turn on and off lights and make sure all the windows and doors are locked and sometimes open or close the blinds.

Did I mention these people are really NICE?!...

.They even look after THE STUPID CAT! Can you believe that?!....but I’m pretty sure that I’m the favorite so it’s ok.

Anyway, just click here to learn more about how A Walk Around The Block makes life easier for you and great for your four legged friends.

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