All about “A Walk Around The Block”

A Walk Around the Block keeps everyone in the family a little happier!

We believe ALL pets are special. The core value of our company is simple. We have the same respect, passion and love for our clients' pets that we have for our own pets and treat them accordingly. A Walk Around the Block founders, Michael Goodin and David Bronder, are true pet enthusiasts who have turned their pet passion into a quality business providing the same high level of care for your pet(s) that they give their dogs, Marty and Tuxx. Michael and David also make certain their human clients are equally as happy and content as their pets, and provide a list of services for human dwellings (which are performed with the same love and care as the pet services).

Michael Goodin has combined business acumen, client service skills, an energetic lifestyle, and his love for animals into his dream business, A Walk Around The Block. Michael’s ability to connect with animals is genuine and unique. Another of Michael’s many strengths is his desire and ability to establish, build, and maintain relationships with clients. Before moving to St. Petersburg, Michael spent many years working in business and corporate America as a private art curator in Washington, D.C. Michael is thrilled to be in St. Petersburg and to be following his passion to work with animals.

David Bronder, the co-owner of A Walk Around the Block, is highly responsible and compassionate. His strong business and people skills have helped him become a successful senior executive with a Fortune 500 company. More importantly, David equally shares Michael’s love and passion for animals and is committed to providing the highest quality of love and care for your pet(s). Throughout his life, David has enjoyed having cats, dogs and even a koi pond!

We invite you to meet with Michael and David to learn more about the outstanding care that can be provided to your beloved pets and your home. We look forward to meeting you and your pets!