Testimonials from our bosses.

“I was really nervous about my parents leaving me by myself all day in our new home. I’m an only child and a rescue so change is hard for me. Then I met my new friends from A Walk Around The Block - what a relief! They are so loving and patient – even when I’m in one of my “moods” or would rather have belly rubs vs. exercise. Mommy loves how responsive they are when she contacts them on short notice and I’ve heard Daddy laugh at their funny notes about our visits when he returns home at the end of a long day. I’m a lucky little boy to have the folks at A Walk Around The Block taking care of me!”

Ralphie the Monkey King - on 21st Avenue NE

“We love our walks and playtime with Uncle Michael! He is always there for us when Mom and Dad have to work late, or when they go to places that are for two-leggeds only(lame). He is our most favorite babysitter and we always wag our stumps when we see him!”

Nerja & Morrison – on 9th Avenue NE

“I used to hate it when my parents left. So booooring! Now I almost look forward to them going because I know Michael will come to my house! We have so much fun. He walks me, plays with me, even scratches my belly. Don't say anything to them, but sometimes he even leaves me an extra treat! Now whenever they leave I feel secure knowing it means Michael will be soon to visit and brighten up my day.”

Bizzy - Cairn Terrier on 19th. Ave NE


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