Setting up your account

The New Portal
A Walk Around the Block is proud to introduce our new petsitting manager software for your convenience.

Now we know that most people don't like the words "New Software" but sometimes we need to update to stay with the times and we assure you that the new tools will make it easier and more convenient to manage your AWATB account. That said, in order to serve you best, we do need to ask you to update your account information through this system and verify that everything set up for you is correct.

One bit of information we need you to add is your billing information and you'll see in a moment how simple it is to do that.

Step 1

You should have received your login credentials from us so you can log into the new portal, once you're there please verify your home and pet information are correct and current. The more info you can provide to our staff the easier it will be to assure everything we do is to your expectations. When you've done that, use the "Invoices" detail highlighted below to get to the section for adding payment type.

Step 1 - Mobile

If you're logged in from your smartphone, the look is slightly different but actions will be identical. From here though the invoices section is hidden in the menu, tap the "Menu" button and you'll see where invoices is, now tap invoicess.

Step 2

So a click or tap on invoices will get you where you need to be.

Step 3 - Payment Method

Tap or click "Payment Methods" to add a new payment method or review ones already entered. Through here you will also be able to select a preferred method if you've provided more than one. The preferred method would automatically be billed unless something else is indicated by you.

Step 4 - Payment Method

Fill in ALL required fields using billing information and address that corresponds to your preferred credit card. Be assure this information is secure and verified via out ppayment processor. Our only access to this is through billing for services rendered.

Make sure you complete the process by tapping or clicking on "Add Card To Account" failing to do so won't complete the payment method and could interfere with our ability to provide services as requested. If you have any questions about this process or other aspects of our services please don't hesitate to ask.

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